Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My period is not my friend

Seriously, I'm beginnig to think that the uterus actually has arms with little mini boxing gloves which are completely undetectable by any technological device known to man....because it's trying to punch it's way

You know you've lost it when you trick yourself into believing that as long as you hold your breathe, the cramps will stop. So,'re still in pain and your face is blue. Then you have to explain to your co-worker that you just have cramps...after they try giving you the heimlich maneuver because they're convinced you're choking on your lunch. But...I'm not saying I'm speaking from experience or anything...anyway....

One other lil tidbit to consider.... Name brand or generic? Now...when it comes to certain medicines or perhaps a window cleaner...I always get generic. It's cheaper. However, I will speak from personal experience in saying do not buy generic maxi pads. That is, of course, unless you want an origami shaped pad about to fall out of your panties. Oh yeah, it'll ball right up into an origami swan and then fall out of your pants onto the floor as you walk by the end of the day. Adhesive wings? Really? Because they worked about as well as trying to get a piece of paper to stick to the wall with oil. It just didn't happen.

OH...and the emotions! Over what you might ask? Um...I have no freakin clue!!!!! Why don't you ask my friends Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone. We're BFF'S apparently :) Yay.

Based on all of's my last question. Why...why..why...why...after 6 years of being with my husband has he not learned yet that for this one week!...just please please please PRETEND I'M RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! I don't like liars, but please, please, please just lie to me for this one week. "no babe, you don't look bloated"..."yes Honey, I'd LOVE to do the dishes after I cook dinner!" and "yep, I remember you telling me that cause I was TOTALLY paying attention when you were yelling at me the other day." I mean, is it that hard???

I have to say hubby takes the cake. He loves me, puts up with me, and tretches through everything with me. I wouldn't trade that non-liar for anything. :)

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