Friday, March 5, 2010

I love Diet Coke. It's an illness really.

I remember a day in the shower, somewhere during the 6th week post delivery, where I was seriously about to fall asleep while washing my hair. I may even have washed it twice since I'm pretty sure it had been about 4 days since destinkifying myself. During said snooze session, I contemplated all the ways I could make it through the day without falling alseep. Since I was breastfeeding I knew loading up on caffeine was not the answer. So...I'd let my psyche take over. I'd drink caffeine free diet coke and let the placebo effect do it's thaaang. I'd make myself believe I was full of energy thanks to that carmely fizzy drink supplied out of that beautiful 12oz aluminum can. In fact, I'd drink 5 if it would help matters. Then I thought...what about the aspartame?


Ok...moving on to conditioner. Wait, did I do that part already? Right..ok, shave. Wowsers...seriously? Well, somewhere in the world hairy legs are sexy right?

So we're at almost 12 weeks old and now that I'm only breastfeeding at night, diet coke is my new found love of my life in the mornings. Coffee for me requires about 7 little tubs of french vanilla creamer per 16oz cup and I guess I'd rather eat my calories in cream cheese than in my coffee. So, diet coke it is. It's actually like a snack for me. Some people make popcorn around 3pm in the office, I crack open my best friend D.C. Sometimes I call on her sister who happens to be a Dr.. Her name is Pepper.

I should note, however, Bella has been sleeping anywhere from 7 to 9 hours in a row every night since Valentines day. Perhaps Cupid shot her with a sleeping arrow for mommy? Either way...I feel like a new woman. Having a Grandma stay with you for a month and offer to get up with her in the event she does...definitely helps with sleeping soundly. I just have to remember that come March's back on me. I mean us!!! That's that I'm back at work, Dave gets to help with the responsibility! Let's just hope she continue's this glorious routine far after our temporary live in nanny heads back home.

I realized my last post was 10/5, far before the baby was born. So...I've attached some pics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, tonights the night folks. Brett Favre plays the one team he's never beat...the Packers. I believe all of WI, Minnesota and parts of our surrounding states will be glued to the t.v. in anticipation of what will happen. In the meantime, I've had to upgrade from my childrens large size jersey to a Packer maternity shirt. Take a looksy! I also added in a barebelly pic for fun. The jersey pic is frmo 23 weeks, the bare belly is from 24 weeks and the packer t-shirt is from tonight, 25w2d.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I just realized I never posted our ultrasound pic!
Since reports are taking forever to come back to me at work, I'm taking this time to update my blog.

I have a Dr. 's appointment tomorrow at 4:45 where I'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat again and hopefully get some more info on the classes we should be taking to prepare for...(gulp)....birth. I've already informed my Dr. that I have examined my nether regions and I am absolutely convinced that God made me too small to push a baby out of my body. I just don't see any way around a c-section because there's just no way a head, shoulders, followed by hips and legs and feet are going to make their way through my holy passage. (haha...holy...ahahahah)

At any rate, he assures me that my body will know what to do and will "stretch and open" to accomodate my little watermelon. We'll see. One thing is for sure, if an epidural is available, it's first on my list of to do's directly following changing from street clothes into that nifty gown they give you at the hospital. HOT mama I can't wait.

The baby is kicking a lot now...although I'm not sure it's really kicking, it's more like summercaults. I'm pretty sure he/she will be a gymnyst. Dave insists if it's a boy he's just practicing his football skills, but I took dance for 9 years...I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.

At any rate, my reports still aren't back and I have 1 hour and 5 minutes left until I get to scadadde for the day. I think I'll spend at least the next 6 minutes on the look out for a good snack...and the following 3 seconds scarfing it down.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here are some nursery room pics! The saying on the wall is French for "Our Gift from God" The bag is my new Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag that I just got for my birthday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I think….I think I may have felt the baby move! I’m really waiting for that moment with finite evidence where my whole world stops, tears swell up in my eyes and I know, without a shadow of a doubt..that my little one has kicked me for the first time (that I could feel anyway.) But…I’m told it takes a while to feel all that, so for now I’ll just take every little flutter and wait for my baby to really make itself known.

In the meantime, my every two week heartbeat appointments will suffice. Today, in fact, is hopefully my last one before I can feel the baby move. Two weeks from tomorrow, on my birthday, we go for THE ultrasound! IF we were going to find out the gender then this would be a really cool day to find out…but we’re going to wait until the baby’s BIRTHday! Dave used to be on board with me, but he’s grown to not be able to stand the idea of a stranger knowing what we’re having and us not knowing. To be honest, it kills me too…but it is what it is. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through this whole process it’s that we cannot plan anything…so why not wait another 5 months to find out??? I hear it’s really cool to find out either way, I guess we’re just choosing to find out later.

I’m also learning to NEVER, and I mean NEVER, tell a woman how huge she looks pregnant. I’ve been told a few times now how big I look for having my first…yet I still weigh 4 lb’s LESS than I did prepregnancy! A coworker even told me that she thought it was beautiful to be big…which, it is…but not when you’re only 5 months preggo and they’re like ‘YOU’RE HUGE’.

Bless her little 5’1” 102 lb soul…

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here's a question....when I say "I'll call you back when I find something out." Why..oh people feel the need to call you 30 minutes later and say "just calling to see if you found anything out..."

Um...have I called you back yet? No. Grrrrrr. So annoying.

Anyway...hoping to get the trim up around the closet doors in the nursery and the front closet tonight. I have no idea what to make for dinner and what chores to do around the house...but what I do know is that it will all go by too fast and before you know it, the alarm clock will sound...I'll roll over, and once again 6:45 will be staring me in the face. blah. I mean, I like routine...but if only my routine consisted of getting up at 10 a.m., then shopping all day...coming home to my favorite meal from the Chancery and a glass of zinny (post baby)...then I'd be all for it. When it consists of sitting in traffic on Delany Road trying to turn onto hwy 41...I'd rather stick my head in a bucket of nair. Not really...but you get you get the point.