Friday, March 5, 2010

I love Diet Coke. It's an illness really.

I remember a day in the shower, somewhere during the 6th week post delivery, where I was seriously about to fall asleep while washing my hair. I may even have washed it twice since I'm pretty sure it had been about 4 days since destinkifying myself. During said snooze session, I contemplated all the ways I could make it through the day without falling alseep. Since I was breastfeeding I knew loading up on caffeine was not the answer. So...I'd let my psyche take over. I'd drink caffeine free diet coke and let the placebo effect do it's thaaang. I'd make myself believe I was full of energy thanks to that carmely fizzy drink supplied out of that beautiful 12oz aluminum can. In fact, I'd drink 5 if it would help matters. Then I thought...what about the aspartame?


Ok...moving on to conditioner. Wait, did I do that part already? Right..ok, shave. Wowsers...seriously? Well, somewhere in the world hairy legs are sexy right?

So we're at almost 12 weeks old and now that I'm only breastfeeding at night, diet coke is my new found love of my life in the mornings. Coffee for me requires about 7 little tubs of french vanilla creamer per 16oz cup and I guess I'd rather eat my calories in cream cheese than in my coffee. So, diet coke it is. It's actually like a snack for me. Some people make popcorn around 3pm in the office, I crack open my best friend D.C. Sometimes I call on her sister who happens to be a Dr.. Her name is Pepper.

I should note, however, Bella has been sleeping anywhere from 7 to 9 hours in a row every night since Valentines day. Perhaps Cupid shot her with a sleeping arrow for mommy? Either way...I feel like a new woman. Having a Grandma stay with you for a month and offer to get up with her in the event she does...definitely helps with sleeping soundly. I just have to remember that come March's back on me. I mean us!!! That's that I'm back at work, Dave gets to help with the responsibility! Let's just hope she continue's this glorious routine far after our temporary live in nanny heads back home.

I realized my last post was 10/5, far before the baby was born. So...I've attached some pics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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