Monday, April 13, 2009

The Longest Fall Ever

This past Saturday night, my girlfriend and I were on our way to the Bucks game when we stopped for a red bull. Well, on our way out, I stepped in a pot hole and began my journey to the ground. It was seriously the longest fall I've ever had in my life. It start out with a wobble to the right and then a slight jerk to the front. I thought to myself "just stand up." Well, I couldn't, so I start to go down further, now my top half is moving more forward so I'm getting quite top heavy. I get to the point where I'm thinking "I can't believe I can't just stand up, what is wrong with me." So, I finally go down, smack my knee into the ground, somehow scrape up the top part of my hands and all I can think about is how my shirt came up and my belly is showing.


My girlfriend is silent for about 5 seconds to which I just know she's laughing hysterically but she finally musters up the courage to ask if I'm ok. The two guys from the gas station come out to see if I'm ok and probably making sure I'm not going to sue them. So, we get in the car and I can hardly press the pedal becuase my knee is throbbing. We get to the game only to realize we parked on the wrong side. Our tickets were at will call on the other end of the arena. So, we start walking. knee is killing me. We get in, start watching the game...all is well. Until....we go to get some food. I get a hot dog, slather on the kethcup and mustard and then what happens? It rolls off the counter onto the floor! Are you flippin kidding me? Luckily my friend got me a new one, they gave it to us for free which was so nice of them. We get back to our seats, and as I sit down, I bang the bad knee into the seat in front of me. OMG...I need to go home right now...clearly this night is not meant for me to enjoy!

I got home, looked at my knee and there was actually an indentation on the top of my knee cap. Well, today it's red, black, blue and purple and now my ankle hurts. Um...WTF?

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