Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Week Wait

I think I'm almost more calm waiting for Ovulation day...the 2 ww is just pure torture. I had an IUI done yesterday morning at 9:45 a.m....exactly 36 hours after I took an HCG trigger to induce ovulation. My follie size on Monday was 19.5, so by Tuesday is should have been 21.5, and probably 23.5 by the time I ovulated. I'm told this is good and the ultrasound tech said it went well with the lining of my uterus. It's all very complicated but I trust my nurses as they are awesome, and now we wait. Dave had 5x the amount needed to do the procedure which he of course feels like quite the man!

I haven't posted on this blog in a while but I'll make it a point to try and do it more often...especially if I am pg after this...I'll document every day for you all!

Thanks for reading!



Dana said...

So excited for you!!! Can't wait for good news in two weeks!

Jennifer and Carlos said...

Its going to be a great day in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!! :)

YAY for posting again... I miss your post!