Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jazzercise Round 2

So, my friend and I joined Jazzercise this past Tuesday and we agreed to go tonight. Well...turns out she had a going away party for a co-worker so she wasn't able to make it! Does anyone realize how much it hurts mentally and emotionally to force yourself to go to workout on your own? Oh the anguish! So I get there and it's a new music, new moves, etc, etc, etc, ouch, ouch, double ouch! I'm pretty sure my legs are still at their facility melted into a muscle puddle. BUT...I feel good! I ate Jimmy John's 2 hours before working out to make sure I didn't get sick and so then I'd be full and wouldn't have to eat before but now I'm pretty sure I'm going to divulge in a bowl of protein plus special k... That's right people, I'm living on the edge! Whew...fat free milk out now!

I'm typing this in my office at home and the window is open and it's dark out. You know how if the light is on you, then you can't see outside??? Ever wonder who's watching and what they're saying? I'm pretty sure they're saying "she needs to sit up straight, not look so focused, and clean her damn office!"

On that note...I'm going to go curl up with my bowl of cereal, on the couch and resting my numb legs!

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